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What’s the Best Running Shoe for You?

We all know the health benefits that come from regular walking and running as a part of our exercise routine. Other than the discipline, heart and training required for a good run, your choice of footwear is undoubtedly essential for better runs. From preventing injuries to providing comfort to cover longer distances, the choice of footwear should be the first consideration that a runner makes. With so much variety of running shoes to choose from, we’ll help you narrow it down to by your goals and needs to help you find your perfect running companion.


For the runners who prioritise speed, a lightweight shoe is best for racing, sprints and circuit training. To make them lightweight, they are usually made with less cushioning and stability features to promote better flexibility.

  • Check out the New Balance’s FuelCell range, designed to give high energy return that drive your feet forward for ultimate speed.


For marathon or leisurely high-mileage runners, cushioned running shoes help increase your endurance and comfortability for long hauls. The cushioning in your running shoe is what helps your feet absorb the impact of every stride, reducing this prolongs the distance your feet can endure to run and lessens the impact on your joints.

  • Long-distance runners will love the New Balance 1080 range, one of the most popular running shoes amongst professional athletes who stress a snug, supportive, comfortable shoe.


For the trail runners who prefer to take the paths less traveled, trail running shoes feature lugged soles for enhanced traction and a tough upper to protect your ankles.

  • Browse our range of trail shoes for men or women that feature all the essential amenities of a great running shoe with the added grip-sole features for you to take your runs off-road.


Lastly, runners who have a high arch and tendency of over-pronating should consider shoes with “stability” or “support” that are designed to prevent feet from rolling inwards as you run. Stability shoes feature firm midsoles that increase stability and prevent the heel from turning out.

  • The Saucony Guide 14‘s are designed with a supportive underfoot guidance frame for extra arch support to assist in aligning your feet to their optimum running position.


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