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Best Footwear for Feet and Back Pain

Your feet are the major weight-bearers of your body, which is why it makes sense to consider how your feet are supported when trying to relieve body aches and pains.

Orthotic footwear can work to remove pressure and stress, as they work like shock absorbers for foot and ankle pain.

Orthotics are also designed to prevent foot deformities or keep them from getting worse. With the added cushion support beneath the arches of your feet, orthotics help in preventing over-pronating where ankles lean inwards and assist in aligning feet and ankles back to their neutral position. Bettering the position of your feet inside your shoes improve overall foot and lower leg movement. They make a great option for those who experience feet, ankle, and back pain, injuries, or people who must be on their feet for hours in the day.

Make standing on your feet more bearable with podiatrist-designed and recommended orthotic footwear from leading orthotic brands such as Scholl Orthaheel, Vionic and Revere.

At Team Rhapsody, we have a range of stylish orthotics to suit every season and any occasion in men’s and women’s styles at outlet prices!

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