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Every wardrobe needs a pair of good shorts, and a good short is comfortable yet stylish while also being practical. That’s exactly what a pair of the Tactic Short provides.

This Tactic Short with sublimate printed side seam panels can be worn anywhere. Gym goers can train to their heart’s content in a pair of these shorts. Local footballers can spend a training session running around in these shorts. Or a die-hard Blues supporter can wear a pair on the couch while cheering their team towards victory. Another element that makes these shorts so versatile is the inclusion of pockets in the side seams. There was a time there were pockets in shorts was not a guarantee, however, their inclusion in this particular pair of shorts ensures individuals have a comfortable place to put their shaky hands when golden point calls or even a secure place for personal belongings like phones and wallets.

  • Material: 100% Polyester TZ Tactel 110gsm
  • Printed logos